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"One of those performers who make you miss them when they exit and elated when they return."          

-Peg Murray, The Suffolk Times

"The lead player, Daniel Yaiullo, is nothing short of exceptional."

-Roger Gonzalez,

"Daniel Yaiullo as Brian, meanwhile, gives the kind of performance you hope to see when you go to the theatre. He’s compelling, vulnerable, commanding, all in a single turn of a phrase. His breathtaking breakdown near the end of the play is brilliantly done, crushing in its finality."

-Bill Crouch, Stagebuddy

"With strategic stubble, a forelock and an impeccable English accent, the sleek Daniel Yaiullo is charismatic as the seductive Phil. Mr. Yaiullo's balletic physicality and resonant voice brings Shakespearean force to his characterization."

-Darryl Reilly,

"In each of his multiple roles, Daniel Yaiullo is supremely chameleon-like. Mary Eleanor’s abusive Long Island husband, a supercilious psychiatrist, and a taciturn guard are all vividly brought to life by Mr. Yaiullo’s marvelous intensity and comic timing."

-Darryl Reilly,

"Daniel Yaiullo as the young Noel Coward gave the most compelling performance."

-Donna Donato, North Fork Patch

"Daniel Yaiullo gets even better every time we see him. He is always good, but here his sharp awareness of the seriousness of his situation blends with his talented singing and dancing into a marvelous performance."

-Peg Murray, Riverhead News Review

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