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Daniel Yaiullo is a New York City based actor. His last name is pronounced “why-you-low” (think of it as a question). His first stage appearance was at age nine, playing a peacock in Children of Eden and donning an expertly crafted homemade costume (thanks, Mom). You also may have seen him as a mouse in Cinderella when he was in fourth grade. Though playing silent animals was deeply fulfilling, Daniel eventually felt the desire to play a human being. He took his career into his own hands and began gathering his neighborhood friends together to make movies. He cast himself in such roles as “Evil Scientist” and “Crazy Old Man,” both of which earned him no award nominations. Despite these snubs, he continued to cast, direct, and act in various ridiculous movies with his friends and family until high school when he found his way back to the stage.


Since then, Daniel has studied with Olympia Dukakis, Alec Baldwin, Fiona Shaw, Julian Glover, Austin Pendleton, Orlando Pabotoy, Robert O'Hara, Ian Belknap, and Kent Gash, among many others. He has performed all over NYC, occasionally venturing to Los Angeles, Maine, Russia, and even New Jersey. Once, he got to be in a production with Kenneth Branagh and give him a high five.


In his spare time, Daniel enjoys creating music with his brothers, reading, writing, and moviemaking with friends and family.


He wrote this whole thing himself.

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